EVERO Pty Ltd is a regional Victorian steel manufacturer servicing industrial, commercial and governmental clients.

We offer complete project management with 39 years of experience and our welding is certified to relevant Australian Standards.

Lead by an expert welding inspector, our team of qualified workers adhere to our company core values:

• Provision of a safe working environment
• Commitment to quality
• Client satisfaction
• A positive work culture

Health, Safety and Environment

• Proven system for identification, management and mitigation of risks
• Commitment to continuous performance improvement
• Demonstrated commitment to our policies through visible leadership, continuous education and application of resources and processes
• Commitment to protection of environment

Why Choose Us? 

• Secure and guaranteed project outcomes
• Commitment to efficient project delivery and quality fit-for-use end product
• Qualified and experienced leadership
• Integrated business model
• Financially stable


(03) 5737 4257


16 Osboldstone Rd, Wangaratta VIC 3677

Open Hours

M-F: 7am – 5pm